Where is the Pathshala conducted?

The Pathshala is conducted at: Shree Simandharswami Digambar Jin Mandir 47, Church Road, Off S. V. Road, Next to Ishwarlal Park, Near St. Xavier’s School, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400056. Tel. No.: 022-26631165 / Mo. +919664024626.

Which topics are covered in Pathshala?

Currently, there are three Pathshala taught at Jin Mandir. They are:

  • Kids Pathshala: For Kids; Topics: Jain Balpothi, Badhte Charan & Balbodh Pathmala.
  • Youth Pathshala: For Teenagers and Youth; Topics: Jain Tatva Parichay, Jain Siddhant Prashnottarmala & ChhaDhhala.
  • Senior Pathshala: For all age group; Topics: Jain Siddhant Prashnottarmala & Moksh Shastra.

What are the timings for the Pathshala?

The Pathshala is conducted on Sunday at 10.30 AM at the Jin Mandir. If there is any change in the timings of the Pathshala then it will be communicated via WhatsApp message.

Is there any admission procedure to enrol in Pathshala?

There is an admission procedure for the Kids Pathshala. There is no admission procedure for Youth and Senior Pathshala. One can come and join Youth and Senior Pathshala.

Are these Pathshala archived anywhere as I have missed the earlier Pathshala?

Pathshala courses are archived on www.parlajinmandir.org. You can refer the Pathshala section for the missed class. Pathshala courses can also be taken as e-course. Refer Pathshala section for more details.

Can we participate in the Pathshala and other Jin Mandir activities if we are not Digambar Jains?

Yes, you can participate in the Pathshala and other Jin Mandir activities.

Are the Pathshala conducted every day at Jin Mandir?

No, the Pathshala are conducted only on Sunday. One can get regular updates about Pathshala via following two paths: a. Visit News & Events section on this website’s home page b. Enroll to PJM Broadcast List: Save +91 96195 04576 to your smart phone as Parla Jin Mandir and send us a WhatsApp message with your Name and City.

Is there any daily class at Jin Mandir?

Yes, there are daily classes by Smt. Harshaben Timbdia or Smt. Jaytiben Mehta at the Jin Mandir.

Are there any other regular activities?

Yes, there are following regular activities:

  • Bhakti by Shree Kahan-Bhagwati Pragna Mahila Mandal on the first day of every Gujarati month.
  • Special class by Shree Kahan-Bhagwati Pragna Mahila Mandal on every Tuesday.
  • Regular Sunday pathshala and special events for kids by Shree Kahan Bal Mandal.