Mandir Samuh Poojan Schedule - Veer Samvat 2547

Shree Simandharswami Digamber Jinmandir has been having Morning Samuhik Poojan since inception. Pujya Gurudevshree Kanjiswami emphasized the importance of Jin Darshan / Poojan as narrated below during his discourses on Shree Padmanandi Panchvinshati Sharvakachar Adhikar (1) (2) :

  • Jin Darshan / Poojan are mentioned as one of the 6 Avashyakas (daily activities) that a Jain Shravaka (householder) should do every day. These daily activities should be performed as the first thing in the morning.
  • Although Jin Darshan / Poojan in their true essence are realized by Samyakdrashti Shravaka's (enlightened souls); a Mumukshu should keep doing these activities for his Sadhana.
  • Owing to physical absence of the Real Lord in Bharat Kshetra during this current Pancham Kaal (5th part of Jain time cycle), a Mumukshu considers the Jin Pratima as a virtual personification of the Real Lord himself. Thus feeling blessed, he / she enthusiastically and happily does daily Jin Darshan / Poojan in the spirit of 'Jinpratima Jinsaarkhi' (Jin Statue is like the Jin Lord).

We hope the daily schedule becomes a useful guide & inspiration for Mumukshus in their daily routine of the 6 avashyaks.

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Year Veer Samvat Vikram Samvat Month Content (3) PDF
2020 2547 2077 Kaartak Shree Jinendra Pooja Sangrah, Jain Poojanjali, 5 Meru Nandishwar Poojan Vidhan - Tekchandji view
2020-21 2547 2077 Magshar Shree Jinendra Pooja Sangrah, Jain Poojanjali view
2021 2547 2077 Posh Shree Jinendra Pooja Sangrah, Jain Poojanjali view
  1. Shravakadharma Prakash, (Sanklit) (Songadh)
  2. Padmanandi Panchvinshati Pravachan Part 1 & Part 2, Word to word lecture transcripts
  3. Shree KundKund - Kahan Digamber Jain Mumukshu Trust acknowledges and thanks all the Publishers / Trusts for permitting to provide their Poojan books for uploading on Shree SimandharSwami Digamber Jinmandir’s website.