Mandir Samuh Poojan Schedule - Veer Samvat 2547

Shree Simandharswami Digambar Jinmandir has been having Morning Samuhik Poojan since inception. Pujya Gurudevshree Kanjiswami emphasized the importance of Jin Darshan / Poojan as narrated below during his discourses on Shree Padmanandi Panchvinshati Sharvakachar Adhikar (1) (2) :

  • Jin Darshan / Poojan are mentioned as one of the 6 Avashyakas (daily activities) that a Jain Shravaka (householder) should do every day. These daily activities should be performed as the first thing in the morning.
  • Although Jin Darshan / Poojan in their true essence are realized by Samyakdrashti Shravaka's (enlightened souls); a Mumukshu should keep doing these activities for his Sadhana.
  • Owing to physical absence of the Real Lord in Bharat Kshetra during this current Pancham Kaal (5th part of Jain time cycle), a Mumukshu considers the Jin Pratima as a virtual personification of the Real Lord himself. Thus feeling blessed, he / she enthusiastically and happily does daily Jin Darshan / Poojan in the spirit of 'Jinpratima Jinsaarkhi' (Jin Statue is like the Jin Lord).

We hope the daily schedule becomes a useful guide & inspiration for Mumukshus in their daily routine of the 6 avashyaks.

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  1. Shravakadharma Prakash, (Sanklit) (Songadh)
  2. Padmanandi Panchvinshati Pravachan Part 1 & Part 2, Word to word lecture transcripts
  3. Shree KundKund - Kahan Digambar Jain Mumukshu Trust acknowledges and thanks all the Publishers / Trusts for permitting to provide their Poojan books for uploading on Shree SimandharSwami Digambar Jinmandir’s website.