Pu. Gurudevshree Kanjiswami

Pujya Gurudevshree Kanjiswami, a saint from Gujarat, has propagated the most successful Jain movement in recent times. He was instrumental in the revolution of the perception and practice of Jainism, thereby putting thousands of souls on the true path of liberation. The philosophy and truth always existed but their true exponents were missing in the actual practice. The focus had changed from self-realization to rituals; and false belief (Mithyatva) was reigning supreme.

He gave sermons (Pravachans) for 45 years in Songadh, Saurashtra, Gujarat. Today over 9,000 hours of audio recordings of Pu. Gurudevshree’s lectures are available. These audio recordings are still heard by thousands of Mumukshu in their respective Jin Mandir every day. We at Shree Simandharswami Digambar Jin Mandir, Vile Parle, Mumbai also follow this tradition.

The following calendar shows Pu. Gurudevshree’s audio lecture schedule at Jin Mandir.

Pravachan of Pujya Gurudevshree:

<June 2024>
Sunday, 23-Jun-2024
08.15 to 09:15 am
08.00 to 09.00 pm
Shashtra Name : Shree Niyamsaar
Gatha No. : 56
Shlok No. : 76
Pravachan No. : 60
Language : Gujarati
Day & Date : Mon , 28-Jun-1971
Tithi : Ashadhh  Sud  6
Sound Quality : *
Pravachan :
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Shashtra Name : Shree Ishtopadesh
Gatha No. : 36,37
Shlok No. :
Pravachan No. : 41
Language : Hindi
Day & Date : Wed , 18-May-1966
Tithi : Vaishakh  Vad  13
Sound Quality :
Pravachan :
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